Privacy policy is one of the basic and essential details on which "WNT-Club" insists. Since the "WNT-Club" company that is built on legal grounds, one of the foundation's operations and "Privacy Policy" - Rules and Privacy Policy.
All members, "WNT-Club" and the inclusion in "WNT-Club" and thus as members have every right to privacy. Since each member at the entrance to "WNT-Club" when you carry out the registration leaves the basic data, "WNT-Club" this act of the document gives the guarantee that all data remain held in the "WNT-Club" and that nobody except "WNT-Club" and will not be able to have access to this information.
Makes you as the data of each of the members of the "WNT-Club" in "WNT-Club" is not obliged to uncover and do not give information nor anyone in the club or outside it.
Data that each potential member leaves the mail, user name (user name); pasword (password); phone, account numbers and credit card that has members, as well as all the data that are through the procedure of involvement in "WNT-Club" others displayed in "WNT-Club"-in. In addition to basic data that members leave at whan is join in club , and all other information that members hoards on "WNT-Club"-in remains a secret and not be divided with whomever was within the club and outside it.
Also the "WNT-Club" undertakes not to give personal information to anyone within the club .

Percent of club members have access to members site :